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As a team of engineers, the services we provide here at Lashun King Environmental Group, PLLC include consultations, research and professional advice. We specifically work with business owners on environmental projects; during our consultations we advise clients on how to mitigate the potential harmful impact of contaminants in the environment and to possible human receptors.

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Groundwater Remediation

Our group analyzes groundwater data for potential contaminants and helps clients make observations on existing trends in the data. We provide technical guidance on how to remediate contaminants to mitigate risk to potential human receptors. We ensure that all technical recommendations are in compliance with federal and state environmental legislation.

Natural Attenuation

We conduct thorough research including a review of background site reports and monitoring information to assess the potential for natural attenuation at the site. Natural attenuation may include physical, chemical, or biological processes. These natural mechanisms may help to reduce the concentration of contaminants found in soil or groundwater. Our group provides recommendations to our clients for the site based on our technical review.

Contaminant Fate & Transport

Our group provides technical guidance on contaminant migration in the environment. We provide consultations on how processes such as physical, chemical, and biological impact movement of the contaminants through various environmental systems. Our group also provides guidance on how contaminant properties may affect transport.