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Lashun King Environmental Group, PLLC is proud to work closely with academic organizations to increase awareness of environmental studies. Our goal is to improve the safety of our natural surroundings through guided consultations, lectures, workshops, and other educational resources.

Let's Explore

Environmental Engineering

We are at the forefront of environmental research encompassing several areas such as chemistry, biology, geology, hydraulics, and other professional areas to create solutions for protecting our natural environment.

The Impact of Pollution

Pollution is by far one of the single most important challenges we face today. With the rise of fossil fuels and carbon emissions, every element of our natural environment is subject to contamination. Our efforts are rooted in researching and educating others on the impacts of pollution and what we can do to counteract these effects.

Careers in Environmental

There are many lucrative career avenues to explore in the environmental field. As environmental engineers and educators, we can provide keen insights on areas of studies that are in demand and the skill sets required to flourish in various professions.

Services For Academic Institutions

Educational Workshops

Our educational workshops are ideal for aspiring academics seeking more knowledge in environmental studies or possible career pursuits.

Public Speaking Seminars

Take part in our public speaking seminars where we'll shed light on a variety of environmental topics.

Curriculum Development

We work with Universities and other academic organizations to help develop curriculum in environmental studies.